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California man faces 18 years in prison for KC sex trafficking scheme

Ronald Ean Taylor, 45, of Sacramento, CA. is facing 18 years in federal prison for the sex trafficking of six victims. A second victim said that Taylor smashed a liquor bottle over her head. A fifth victim said that Taylor would supply her and the sixth victim with heroin. The sixth victim died from a drug overdose.


Sisters work against human trafficking

People are gathering across the world Feb. 8 in prayer and observances of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.


Bill could wipe slate clean for minor sex trafficking victims

Under House Bill 397, which is a safe harbor law sponsored by Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, R-Arnold, those who were under the age of 18 when convicted of prostitution could apply to court for a clean slate. Under the current law, defendants have to prove they were coerced into prostitution.


Federal judge expected to announce verdict in Dojo Pizza child pornography case

A verdict will be announced Wednesday (Dec. 26) for St. Louis, Mo. man Loren Copp who faces nine felony counts for alleged sex crimes against girls. According to investigators, Copp groomed two girls at his business and then sexually abused them, and accused of taking pictures of his victims while he raped them.


Previously deported lawn worker paid girl $9 for sex act on Lawrence school grounds

A man who’d previously been deported from the United States was mowing the lawn at a Lawrence public school the day he received oral sex from a 16-year-old student on school grounds, the Journal-World has learned.


KC man accused of hiring teen for sex act in Douglas County pleads guilty to lesser charge

Jesus Cervantes Garcia, 34, of Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Douglas County District Court to one count of unlawful sexual relations, a lower level felony. The plea agreement reached by Garcia’s appointed attorney and the state does not include specific recommendations for sentencing, prosecutor Mark Simpson said. Garcia is expected to get a sex offender evaluation prior to his sentencing date, Nov. 21.


Son of popular Lambert’s Cafe founder indicted on child sex trafficking charges

The son of the founder of Lambert’s Cafe is facing charges of child sex trafficking according to a report in the Springfield News Leader. The Missouri newspaper reports that Benjamin Lambert was indicted this month on several charges including child sex trafficking.


Missouri man charged with hiring teen for sex in Douglas County

Jesus Cervantes Garcia, 34, hired a 16-year-old to engage in sex or a sex act, by giving or agreeing to give the victim or someone else something of value in exchange, the criminal complaint against Garcia alleges.