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Victim assistance grants available

TOPEKA – Five grant programs, serving victims of crime across Kansas are open for application, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced Friday.
More than $2.5 million in grant funds were awarded last year from five different state programs through the office of the attorney general. Funds are used to assist local and state crime victim assistance organizations across Kansas in providing direct services to crime victims, as well as in developing prevention programs to address violence.


Hope for Hope: Kansas sex trafficking victim put behind bars for sex trafficking

A girl that grew up in Topeka, Kansas is fighting to try to get Kansas’s law changed. When she was 14 a family friend who was 24 took an interest in her. He groomed her into believing they belonged together. She is now serving a sentence in the Kansas State Women’s Prison. “Shawnee County prosecutors charged her with 10 felonies and two misdemeanors, including aggravated sex trafficking, claiming although she was once a victim, she had turned into an active participant.” Her and her lawyer are trying to get her case overturned but they need to get a law in the state that’s allows victims to use defense as the reason. Kansas lawmakers are working on the bill that they want to make into a law.


Wichita business owner charged with child sex crime

Police arrested Scott Truett of Wichita, Kan. last month for aggravated human trafficking and sexual exploitation of a child. Police say Truett’s arrest comes from the investigation involving a Wichita runaway, found last month.


YWCA expands services for victims of human trafficking

The YWCA of Northeast Kansas, Center for Safety and Empowerment opened the first daytime drop-in center for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.


Kansas Made This Sex Trafficking Survivor A Criminal — She Wants Another Chance

Hope Joy Zeferjohn, a Topeka, KS native, became a victim of the commercial sex trade while in state custody, ran away, and was sent to prison for aggravated human trafficking. Despite federal and state laws that bar prosecuting children for prostitution, Zeferjohn is serving a nearly six-year sentence in the Topeka Correctional Facility and will spend a lifetime on the state sex offender registry.


Wichita man paid girl to recruit others for sex, court docs say

Long Van, 38, of Wichita, KS, was charged with aggravated human trafficking of a 15-year-old girl. Van, a registered sex offender, was already on Community Corrections for a conviction of commercial sexual exploitation of a child in 2017. A search on the teen’s phone uncovered more than 2900 messages between her and and Van in which they discussed exchanging money for sex and enlisting the teen to recruit other girls for sex.


19 suspected sexual predators arrested for targeting children in Kitsap County

Since the origin of the operation in August 2015, MECTF has arrested 271 individuals and rescued at least 31 children across Washington state.


Child sex offender arrested for human trafficking in Wichita

Jail records show Long Van of Wichita,KS. was booked Tuesday for one count of aggravated human trafficking and two probation violations. He remains jailed on bonds totaling $350,000.


Protecting kids from human trafficking online

Founder of the Stop Trafficking Project Russ Tuttle spoke at the Law Enforcement Center about social media, the online world kids are in and how it all relates to human trafficking. Tuttle said traffickers target vulnerabilities, often through games like Fortnite and Minecraft.


Overland Park man charged with human trafficking after traffic stop in Lenexa

Antonio Flemming of Lenexa, Kan. was charged with aggravated human trafficking and commercial exploitation of a child in Johnson County. Lenexa police officer was suspicious that the adults in the vehicle were involved in human trafficking, based on her training, experience and instincts.