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Pandemic closures raise child sex trafficking concerns

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – With more children at home, experts across the nation are predicting higher rates of human trafficking, and with many students being schooled virtually, the cause for concern is even higher.
According to Pittman, with more children at home, sex trafficking and other crimes are a concern.
“One thing for any parent when it comes to anything when it comes to your child of any age is to be aware,” Pittman said. “Be involved, be aware of what your child is doing, be aware of who they’re with, who’s their social circles, who’s their friends.”


Human trafficking capitalizes on crowds in the Big Easy

This time of the year in New Orleans, Louisiana is Carnival season. With Mardi Gras, then the French Quarter Fest millions of people will come to New Orleans over this time period. A human traffic survivor works as the prevention assistant and survivor leader at Eden House. She wants to help get the message out to young girls.


Two East Texans arrested in Louisiana anti-human trafficking bust

The Louisiana State Police arrested 11 people in Shreveport, including two East Texans, in an anti-human trafficking operation in the Shreveport-Bossier area.


Pimps sentenced in Jefferson Parish for forcing teen into prostitution

Earl Norman, 29, of Kenner, Louisiana, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Damien Holland, 26, of Chicago, Illinois, was sentenced to 10 years. Both men are charged with pimping a 17-year-old girl – arranging prostitution dates for the teen and pocketing the money she was paid. Norman and Holland are two of six defendants charged in the investigation which began in April 2017 when the victim escaped.


Police: 4-Year-Old Rescued in Texas Human Trafficking Bust

A four year old girl was found 1,200 miles from her home in the hands of suspected human traffickers — and authorities think her mother handed her over to them. The child was pretty much given to a pimp, an associate of a pimp or family of the pimp for keeping before she traveled to Louisiana.”


New Orleans man arrested for child sex crimes, human trafficking

A 20-year-old New Orleans, LA man is facing numerous charges related to human trafficking after allegedly leading police on a chase through the city before crashing into a light pole with an underage girl in his vehicle. Tyrin Evans is charged with 14 offenses charges in total, including trafficking of children for sexual purposes.


Lake Charles man convicted of human trafficking

Christian Tyler Zimmerman of Lake Charles, LA. has pleaded guilty to one count of human trafficking, one count of distribution of heroin, and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He used the heroin and got the 19/20 year old female strung out on heroin to engage in commercial sexual activity.


West Baton Rouge Sheriff: Men targeted children for sexual purposes

Pratik Ardeshna, 25 is charged with indecent behavior, solicitation and attempted carnal knowledge of a child. Jimmy Fowler, 36 is charged with prostitution and possession of oxycodone and methamphetamine. The Wet Baton Rouge, La. men were arrested Thursday after a sting operation revealed efforts to exploit children for sexual purposes.


FBI Presents Award to Baptist Church for Fighting Against Human Trafficking

“Their staff continues to serve the shelter with compassion, dedication, and professionalism,” Rommal declared. “Whether rescuing victims from human trafficking situations, providing victim services to those in need, or supporting community outreach efforts across the metropolitan area.


Juveniles account for majority of human trafficking victims in La. in 2018

Juveniles accounted for 428 of the overall 744 confirmed victims of human trafficking reported in Louisiana in 2018. Forty-two of those victims were age 12 or younger. Forty-two victims identified in 2018 were age 12 or younger, down from 72 victims reported in 2017. The reported ages for all victims ranged from 5 months to 65 years old.