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Milwaukee man charged in connection to human trafficking, prostitute solicitation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin– A 42-year-old man was charged on Tuesday, July 21 with one count of receiving compensation for human trafficking and one count of soliciting prostitutes.

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Likely trafficking survivor released on bond in homicide case

Kenosha County, WI — Chrystul Kizer is out of custody after a Chicago-based aid organization posted her $400,000 bond. Kizer, 19, was released from Kenosha County Jail on Monday afternoon. She has been in custody for two years, awaiting trial for the June 2018 shooting death of a man prosecutors admit had been sexually assaulting Kizer and other underage girls.

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Industry, local task force look to raise awareness of human trafficking dangers

Beloit, Wisconsin — Employees from jobs spanning multiple industries have received training in spotting the signs of human trafficking in a bid to alert authorities sooner of possible dangerous situations.

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Federal court case with local ties highlights human trafficking issue

Beloit, Wisconsin — With Beloit positioned as a transportation hub near Milwaukee and Chicago, the Beloit Police Department says it is taking steps to combat human trafficking and raise awareness in the community about the problem. “We tell our officers that when they come across someone—especially a young woman or man—who has been battered and is reluctant to talk to police, that is the person they need to spend extra time with,” Police Department Inspector Stigler said. “They need to talk about their background, where they grew up, where they have been and who have they been associated with and who they get money from.”

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Men accused of trafficking a teen girl in 2019 face federal charges

Green Lake, Wisconsin– The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin has filed charges against Julio Cesar Veleta Veleta, 35, and Amabilio Garcia Rivera, 32, for sex trafficking; sex trafficking by fraud, force and coercion; and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking, according to the criminal complaint.


This isn’t just a Milwaukee issue’: New report examines where sex trafficking happens and where victims are from

A new study in Milwaukee shows most of the city and identified hot spots where the crime occurred. From 2013 through 2016 the study examined 340 people ages 25 and younger were confirmed to have been victims of sex trafficking in Milwaukee. 88% of the victims were from the Milwaukee area and 3% were out of state. Although the research was from six years ago, experts believe the information still hold up to be true. Some of the areas are hot spots for other crimes as well.


Time is running out to pass human trafficking bill

Brown County, Wisconsin non-profits and lawmakers are working on a bill to help fight human trafficking. The bill has a 5,000 surcharge for men caught buying sex. Human trafficking is growing in Wisconsin with cases being seen in every county in the state. The anti-human trafficking organization Eye Heart World started four-and-a-half years ago and has helped 190 women.


Police: Givings tried to recruit 14-year-old runaway into prostitution

Investigators say Milwaukee, WI. Theodore Givings, 35, was trying to recruit the girl for prostitution and was already trafficking another victim, a woman who was working for him in exchange for cocaine.


Men Against Human Trafficking

The Convergence Resource Center, a faith-based nonprofit organization, offers support to men and women who have experience trauma. The goal is to help them rebuild their lives and there’s a specific focus on helping women and female survivors of human trafficking.


He was sexually abusing underage girls. Then, police said, one of them killed him.

Metal cuffs strained against her ankles as she shuffled down the courthouse hallway of Kenosha, Wis.. She passed her mother, who had grown used to seeing her teen daughter in a jail uniform. She passed the activists, who saw her as a victim of child sex trafficking.