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Two Yakima men arrested in sex trafficking investigation of teen girl

In Yakima, Washington two men are being charged with human trafficking a minor. The 16-year-old victim came to the police in January of this year. The two men would buy her alcohol and get her blacked out drunk. The two men took her to a hotel where a man in her 30’s and a man in his 70’s was waiting.

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Hawley introduces bill to document scope of human trafficking in America

A law passed by Congress in 2005 mandated that the Justice Department provide research, statistical review and analysis of severe trafficking of persons every two years in order to know the scope of the problem. Unfortunately, only one was ever done, in 2009.
This new bill will mandate that a comprehensive national study on human trafficking will be conducted every two years there will be statistical information available to the public to see as well as help experts in human trafficking to learn how human traffickers are currently operating and how to stop them. Kevin Malone, president of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, said that these national studies “would be a tremendous help because a lot of people don’t believe the problem exists.”


Port of Seattle boosting efforts to spot human trafficking

A nonprofit Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking in Seattle, Washington is assisting leaders in the business world on ways to prevent human trafficking. The biggest way in and out of Seattle is the port and they are stepping up the efforts to spot and end human trafficking through the ports. Signs are going up in and around the port for victims on how to find help.

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Trump signs executive order to combat human trafficking as some advocacy groups boycott summit

Washington, D.C.
“The anti-trafficking community received a major shot in the arm this morning with President Trump’s announcement,” said Lance Lemmonds of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. “President Trump has committed more federal resources and more national focus on combating the systematic buying and selling of our nation’s kids than any administration in history.”
On January 31, 2020, “Trump signed an executive order Friday creating a position within his domestic policy team dedicated solely to fighting human trafficking. The order proposes an additional $42 million in funding for service programs and prosecutions…The order also establishes a federal working group on housing for trafficking survivors and a website listing the government’s anti-trafficking resources.”


Four arrested in Pierce County juvenile sex trafficking sting

In Dupont, Wash. Four people are facing human trafficking and sexual abuse of a minor charges after a sting operation in Pierce County. “The safety of our children and citizens is our number one priority, and we want to send a message to anyone who is thinking of victimizing the innocent: Don’t come to DuPont to hurt our kids or our community.”


‘Operation Net Nanny’ leads to arrests of 16 sexual predators in Yakima County

A multi-agency, multi-day operation has led to the arrests of 16 dangerous sexual predators who had targeted children in Yakima County, WA. “The crimes these individuals were seeking to engage in are completely reprehensible,” said Eben Roberts, Acting Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Seattle.


‘This is not a setup’: Police join prostitution chat forum to help sex workers

Detectives in Washington with the Bellevue Police Department’s vice unit have joined a prostitution chat forum in an effort to help sex workers. One longtime sex worker has already contacted the vice unit and is encouraging others on the forum to do the same.


DC police arrest another suspect in ‘Operation Independence Day’ sex trafficking sting

20-year-old Sadie Baca was charged with sex trafficking and obstruction of justice Friday in D.C. District Court. Working alongside local law enforcement agencies, officials said undercover officers scanned social media and escort sites looking for what appeared to be children advertising sex. The officers would then set up a fake date, meet up with the victims, try to help them, and eventually make an effort to arrest their traffickers.


FBI Busts 67 Sex Traffickers, Recovers 103 Child Victims

Geoffrey Rogers, co-founder and CEO of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, told The Epoch Times previously that the child trafficking problem in the United States is an “epidemic that’s continuing to spin out of control.” “I’m outraged at the fact there’s over 100,000 kids in America that are sold for sex every single day,” he said.
“What we are also outraged about is—where is the outrage?”


Delaware woman sues father for alleged child rape, trafficking, pornography

WHYY does not typically publish rape victims’ names. However, Alicia Cohen wants to go public with her story to empower sex trafficking survivors, said her attorney, Dan Stephenson. 39-year-old, Cohen is reclaiming her memories and wants to hold her father accountable.