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10 arrested in York County child exploitation operation: ‘These predators are out here’

Predators from North and South Carolina traveled to York County looking for sex with children as young as 10, deputies said Monday. Deputies said 10 people were arrested in “Operation Home Alone,” which was underway from March 10-14. The operation took place at several different spots, including an abandoned home in Fort Mill, South Carolina, deputies said.

“Seven of the 10 arrestees, dubbed as travelers, actually came to the residence or attempted to come to the residence of the operation,” deputies said. “The ages of the children they thought they were coming to have sex with were 10 to 17 years old.”

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson described the web as having “holes” and “crannies” that can be used for people to prey on children.

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An NC coffee shop is on a mission to stop human trafficking

A coffee shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina has a bigger mission than just sell coffee. In His Presence Coffee, Books, & More which opened six months ago and is veteran-owned. The two owners adopted a 16-year-old mother who was a victim of human trafficking and sold by her own mother. They take 100 percent of the profit and donate it back to a local charity. They are looking to partner with a local charity to fight human trafficking in Fayetteville. In His Presence Coffee, Books, & More says its goal “is to be able to partner with ministries that are fighting against human trafficking, slavery, and to help the community of young women and men aging out the local foster care system.”

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NC man charged with holding 17-year-old in ‘sexual servitude’

32-year-old Lorenza Jenkins Monday on charges from Wake County.According to a warrant from the Raleigh Police Department, Jenkins is accused of holding a 17-year-old in sexual servitude and profiting from the prostitution of that teenager between May and June 2019. Officers said the girl was found unharmed at a hotel on South Wilmington Street.

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Man arrested after 7 human trafficking victims found in car during traffic stop, police say

A suspect has been taken into custody after cops found what they claim were seven victims of human trafficking during a traffic stop in North Carolina, CBS affiliate WBTV reports.

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Report: Pair tortured human trafficking victim in front of children at Pineville, N.C. hotels

During a three-week investigation into the alleged human trafficking activity, Pineville, North Carolina Police say an adult woman came forward asking for help for herself and her two children. Officials say the victim was being held against her will by Thomas Antione Miller, 26, and Shakeeta Lasha Adams, 25. “Unspeakable violent acts” against the woman happened in front of her children.

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PSA!!!! FBI asks for help identifying unknown male connected to ongoing sexual exploitation case

The FBI is asking for help identifying information regarding an unknown male who might have critical information pertaining to the identity of a child victim in an ongoing sexual exploitation investigation.

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Two charged with child sex crimes

Crystal Watson, 36, from Newark, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with sexual servitude with a child, aid and abet and sexual child abuse. According to arrest warrants, Watson is accused of sex trafficking a child under the age of 15.

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How many human-trafficking victims work in NC massage parlors? More than you may think.

The three women giving the massages rarely left the building. They worked nearly 12-hour days and slept on the same beds their customers used during the day. They stored their food and few belongings on plastic shelves in the back of the business. The office suite didn’t have a kitchen, so the women propped open the rear door each morning to cook breakfast.

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Jury Finds Man Guilty of Human Trafficking and Promoting Prostitution

Morris County jury found Aldophus Mims, 42, of Charlotte, North Carolina, guilty of four counts of first degree Human Trafficking, three counts first degree Promoting Prostitution. This was the first Human Trafficking of a Minor trial in Morris County history.

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Woman’s mission to shut down massage parlors involved in human trafficking

“I really believe that it’s time for us to stop talking about it and do something,” Stillman said.
Stillman says human trafficking is often happening right under our noses.