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Why the sex-trafficking crimes of Ghislaine Maxwell is a wake-up call for the US | Opinion

“The systematic raping of innocent American women, men, boys and girls is a growing scourge upon our national conscience. The question remains as a society, what are we going to do about it. Will the Maxwell trial awaken the American public to the horrors of sex trafficking and the prevalence of the problem in the United States and in Kentucky?”
Kevin Malone, Chairman of USIAHT, contributed this article and call-to-action following the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

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Sex Traffickers Target ‘Vulnerable’ Young Girls During COVID-19: Police

Internet-savvy pimps are using social media to recruit young girls who have been left dislocated or economically vulnerable by the pandemic, according to a New York City detective.
Lt. Amy Caponga of the New York Police Department (NYPD) sex trafficking team says messaging apps are often used to control the girls’ movements once they’ve been trafficked and mobile payment services like Venmo exploited to get the money.
One impact of their broadening operations since the onset of COVID-19: some hotels and motels in the New York City area, once filled with tourists, have become sites for prostitution, Lt. Caponga told a recent webinar organized by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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Man jailed for running sex trafficking ring out of parents home

A US man convicted of running a sex trafficking ring out of his elderly parents’ sprawling suburban home was sentenced today to nine and a half years in prison.
Raymond Rodio III, 49, was arrested in April 2019 and pleaded guilty in February this year to charges including sex trafficking and promoting prostitution.
After he completes his prison sentence, The Long Island man must register as a sex offender and spend five years under court supervision.
“This defendant had a sex dungeon in his parents’ home and forced women into sex slavery,” Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said.

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Freedom Youth NYC Calls Out Silence on Sex Trafficking

Spurred on by Maxwell’s arrest, and on a mission to topple additional, powerful figures who pull the strings of what is a billion-dollar industry, Freedom Youth NYC recently held a press conference on Fordham Plaza on Monday, July 20, calling on the public to end the silence surrounding the sex trade, and expose those who exploit children and young adults. Monique Riley, a sex trafficking survivor and fierce public speaker, is the organization’s CEO and Founder.

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Queens DA announces launch of Human Trafficking Bureau

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced the creation of a Human Trafficking Bureau that is exclusively dedicated to combating sex and labor trafficking by aggressively prosecuting traffickers and buyers of sex. The bureau will also connect survivors of trafficking with meaningful services to empower them to escape their traffickers. “The sex trafficking industry is brutal, degrading and illegal enterprise that far too often profits by forcing women, children and members of our transgender community into prostitution,” Katz said. “This new and dedicated bureau within my office will combat those who would victimize others with aggressive investigations to end this industry.”

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FBI task force focuses on human trafficking amid coronavirus

The FBI child exploitation and human trafficking task force in New York is currently working on a number of cases in which victims trafficked for sex were advertised as being virus-free or willing to wear a mask and gloves.

“They’re trying to work in safety measures to ensure that customers would feel at ease to meet up with people in the ads,” FBI special agent Brian Gander told ABC News.

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Deputies: Three men lured 12-year-old girl to DeWitt motel for sex using social media

Three men are facing a series of human trafficking charges, rape charges in the state of New York. The three men lured a 12 year old to a motel for sex. Detectives say the men used social media to recruit the child. All three have been arrested and are being held without bail at the Onondaga County Justice Center. They found the child in the motel room alone.

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Family convicted for sex trafficking ring

Members of a family in New York have been convicted for a sex trafficking ring. Five members of the family were convicted of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking of minors, interstate prostitution, alien smuggling and money laundering conspiracy in federal court last Friday. For 11 years, transported women and girls, including minors, to the United States and coerced them to work in prostitution, according to the Eastern District of New York. The men promised them love and a better life. The defendants face a maximum sentence of life in prison on the most serious charge.

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Manhattan District Attorney Investing $2 Million to Prevent Youth Sex Trafficking

Manhattan District Attorney will award $2 Million over the next three years to address youth sex trafficking in New York City. Traffickers are targeting children and teens, and the children in the welfare system are at a higher risk. The initiative that was developed by Administration for Children’s Services and the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence are tackling this problem. The money will be used for healthcare, crisis counseling, shelter and long-term goals like education and employment.

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Peter Nygard: FBI raids fashion mogul HQ in sex trafficking probe

A fashion executive’s office has been raided in Manhattan, New York. He is facing a sexual assault and Trafficking Lawsuit that has been filed this month. The multimillionaire was the subject of an investigation from 2015 to 2017 for human trafficking. The man has not been charged yet.