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New HampshireNewsSexual Exploitation

NH police arrest 8 people following investigation into child exploitation at start of COVID-19 pandemic

Nashua, New Hampshire – Eight people were arrested Wednesday following an investigation into the large number of reported cases regarding child exploitation on the internet during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities said.

AwarenessNew HampshireNews

Lawsuit alleges hotels ignore sex trafficking

“K.B.’s trafficker would give her to other traffickers who bought, sold and required her to sexually service paying strangers as she endured brutal physical assaults, psychological torment, verbal abuse, and false imprisonment at the defendant’s hotels as the defendants did nothing but profit from her exploitation,” the suit alleges.

AwarenessNew HampshireNews

Massage parlors still overlooked in fight against human trafficking, advocates say

In the absence of strong regulation and enforcement, advocates say, sex-trafficking networks have increasingly turned to massage and related fields as a front for illicit businesses that operate in plain sight out of storefronts.

New HampshireNewsPerpetrators

Man found guilty of operating heroin-fueled prostitution ring in Manchester

A federal jury in Concord found Steven Tucker, 33, of Manchester, NH. guilty on March 22 of sex trafficking of a minor. He sold heroin to numerous individuals, including young women and a minor. Witnesses described how Tucker used their addictions to cause them to prostitute for his profit.

AwarenessNew HampshireNews

Experts: Human trafficking happens in N.H. and the opioid crisis is “exacerbating” the problem

Most have a history of childhood trauma to include physical, emotional or sexual abuse and are lured by traffickers with false promises of a better life to include employment and financial success.
These victims are manipulated and often don’t realize they’re being trafficked for sex or labor or both.