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Minnesota woman, man charged in child pornography ring

Princeton, Minnesota — According to complaints filed in Mille Lacs County District Court, a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension human trafficking task force officer was alerted to information from a confidential informant that Deitrich and Miller had been offering sexual intercourse with Deitrich and a juvenile female for sale to a third party in exchange for money and methamphetamine.

MinnesotaNewsSexual Exploitation

Minnesota Sees Surge in Sex Crimes Against Minors Online

Minnesota– The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension recorded more than 1,000 complaints involving child pornography or other forms of cyber exploitation of minors in March and April 2020. The disturbing statistic represents a 30% increase in complaints received over the same period last year. Sadly, the spike in reports of online child exploitation while the United States is under lockdown isn’t unique to Minnesota. The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children recorded more than 6 million tips concerning online child exploitation in March and April 2020. This figure is three times higher than the number recorded over the same time period in 2019.


Rotary International to tackle human trafficking

In 2018 in Minnesota, the National Human Trafficking Hotline was contacted 314 times and 120 human trafficking cases were reported, according to the hotline website. Anderson said Elk River’s proximity to the highways makes it likely that there is trafficking activity in and around the city.


Massage parlor owner convicted of sex trafficking

“The fact that this brothel was active in two cities, in bustling shopping centers open to the public, and in broad daylight is a testament of what these traffickers will do for money,” said Washington County Attorney Pete Orput in a written statement. “Our office will continue to aggressively prosecute these cases to achieve justice for the victims with no voice.”



One of the victims told investigators with the Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force that she was being sold for sex by 39-year-old Joseph Troy Horton. She also stated he was selling a second woman for sex too.


Minnesota man convicted for sex exploitation after coming to Hiawatha for girls

Terrance D. Nordwall, 50, of Faribault, MN, exchanged text messages with a Homeland Security Investigations agent, who he believed was a “pimp” for two girls, ages 14 and 15. Nordwall agreed to pay $200 for a half hour with the two girls, drove to Iowa, and there he was met by law enforcement officers.


Seeking Jesus by Seeking Justice

A man washes dishes in the back of a diner. A teenage girl waits in a car parked at a rest stop. And a woman leans against the gleaming wall of a hotel lobby. None of these scenes appear out of the ordinary—but the dishwasher isn’t getting paid, the teenager isn’t waiting for a parent to finish pumping gas, and the woman isn’t entering a room by choice.


R. Kelly Charged With Two Counts Of Child Prostitution

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said: “This kind of conduct, particularly juveniles, is simply unacceptable in the state of Minnesota and frankly everywhere. “She was a juvenile at the time. We have special laws to protect our juveniles, and we are going to enforce them.” The girl was reportedly given front-row VIP seats to one of Kelly’s performances after the incident and when her brother asked how she got the tickets she revealed what happened.


11 arrests, 18 victims saved in Twin Cities sex trafficking operation

–3 people were arrested for sex trafficking, promotion of prostitution,
–8 people were arrested for solicitation of a minor or solicitation of prostitution under 16 years of age,
–18 trafficking victims were recovered from trafficking situations and offered victim services.


Central MN couple charged with sex trafficking

Investigators put Oriental Massage under surveillance, and detectives saw numerous men entering and leaving the Waite Park, Minn. business. They stopped and spoke to customers, most of whom denied engaging in sexual activity. Three men, however, confirmed that after receiving a massage they paid extra for a sex act. The victim said she was made to split profits from performing sex acts 50-50 with Jiang, and worried for her safety.