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What Is Advocate?

Advocate: Defending Hope for the Hopeless is a faith-based Small Group Study Series designed by the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking and Kids Not For Sale to specifically talk about how Christians and the Church, at large, can respond to the crisis of human trafficking happening in America. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the various nuances of human trafficking with a Christ-centered perspective and to spark helpful conversation among the group that leads to practical, effective solutions and understanding.

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Hosted By Francis Chan

World-renowned leader and best-selling author, Francis Chan, helps guide the study and conversation as he helps connect the mission of Jesus with practical ways we can approach and eliminate the atrocity of human trafficking in America.

Francis Chan has always shared a passion for victims of human trafficking and has led a Christ-like example of how the body of Christ should respond to such atrocities in our world. 

Join Francis Chan as he guides this study and provides actionable steps for the body of Christ as we learn the true impacts of human trafficking in our modern-day society. 

How It Works

This is a video-led study, which means that the group will spend time watching a video and then use the accompanying study guide to talk through it as a group. Each video will be roughly 15-20 minutes in length.  There are five total videos and topics.

These videos will contain several interviews with experts, victims, and organization leaders who bring an intelligent understanding of human trafficking and how to put this evil under the lens of Jesus’s mission for His Church.

When we launch this series, you will have access to free videos and a free study guide you can download for your group. 


In 2022, Kevin was approached by several pastors after speaking at an event in Florida. They shared that they want their church to be more involved in the fight against human trafficking, but they were not sure where to get started…they were not sure where to become educated on the matter and put that into action.

Kevin took this to heart and approached the team. Not only did our team at the U.S. Institute want to provide an educational resource that spoke directly to the Church, but we also wanted to focus on how God has spoken to us about approaching the work of fighting human trafficking…fighting against sin and destruction… fighting for hope.

After months of working on content and bringing this vision to life, we are excited to provide this Bible Study Series that focuses on how the Church can bring hope to our modern day society and also become educated as to how modern-day trafficking is effecting our local society.

All of this is absolutely free!

Of course, any donations will help us spread the word of this series and help provide funding for future growth of this project. While we ask for donations, you are able to view our videos and download our study guide at absolutely no cost. 

You can access this series on Vimeo for free or through your RightNow Media app.

When you fill out the form above, all of the videos will be provided as a link on Vimeo. 

If you are looking to showcase this at your church, you can contact us for a downloadable version or you can cast it from  your device or the Vimeo app using your Smart TV, Amazon Fire stick, Apple TV, or Roku. 

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