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Lawmakers Tackle Human Trafficking with Several Bills

Legislators are taking aim at human trafficking this session with proposed laws that would help victims by making it easier to erase an arrest record and by requiring hotels and motels to stop offering hourly rates. HB 5557 proposed by Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, D-West Hartford, who heads the state’s Trafficking in Persons Council, would make it easier for victims to have a conviction erased if their crime is related to victimization due to human trafficking.


After Hearst probe, state to combat human trafficking

In Connecticut legislators and advocates want ways to combat human trafficking. They want increased prevention efforts and services to support women and children who are at a higher risk to exploitation. The meeting that legislators had this week want to expand Connecticut’s definition of sex trafficking. They also want victims not to be charged with trafficking if their trafficker made them recruit other kids.


OP-EDS OPINION Decriminalize victims of human trafficking

Girls can be as young as 12 when their “boyfriends” lure them into a life of sex trafficking. Traffickers ply their victims with drugs to encourage addiction, rendering them dependent, compliant and numbed. They force their victims to sell themselves many times a day. And victims’ troubles do not end there.


Bristol Man Charged With Human Trafficking

Guy Fletcher, 35, of Bristol, CT, has been charged with human trafficking and promoting prostitution after a woman accused him of acting as her pimp and withholding money and property from her to keep her in his control.


Police: Ellington man, owner of ‘sex dungeon’ arrested again in human trafficking investigation

Simon Hessler, 47, of Ellington, CT, has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and four counts of risk of injury to a child. Hessler was previously arrested last year after seeking out girls between the ages of 10 and 12 online with the intent to train a young girl in his “slave quarters” and have sex with the girl.


CT man gets prison for sex trafficking of minors, pornography charges

Hamlett “recruited and enticed two minor female victims to engage in prostitution at hotels in Hartford and Wethersfield” between August and November 2017 and to “solicit clients for the minors, Hamlett took sexually explicit photographs of each minor and submitted them to the website Backpage,” the release said, citing evidence presented during his trial.


Las Vegas man sentenced to prison for human trafficking in Connecticut

Jerome Edison was sentenced Wednesday to only 4 1/2 years in prison for transporting a woman into Connecticut to work as a prostitute. The victim told police that Edison pimps women in other places, but likes Connecticut “because he does not believe the police know what they are doing.” He told her that he has been pimping women since 2006


Leader of Danbury-based sex trafficking ring sentenced to 4½ years in prison

Robert King, the leader of a Danbury, CT. targeted vulnerable young men suffering from addiction and mental illness was sentenced Wednesday to only four and a half years in prison. King testified against co-defendant Bruce Bemer in exchange for a sentence of 20 years in prison, suspended after he served four and a half years, and 35 years of probation.


Bemer sentenced for role in Danbury sex ring, agrees to pay settlement to one victim

A Glastonbury, CT. millionaire Bruce Bemer will be trading in a life of luxury for at least 10 years in jail for his role in a local sex-trafficking ring. He was arrested and accused of trapping vulnerable young men in a predatory cycle of cocaine addiction, prostitution and threats of death. At least two of the 15 victims had developmental disabilities.


Why Victims Of Human Trafficking Often Don’t Speak Out

But those men shared one commonality with the stereotypical trafficking victim, according to Krishna Patel, former deputy chief of the National Security and Major Crimes Unit in the District of Connecticut. Vulnerability is at the root of it,” Patel explained.