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TBN Broadcast of Advocate with Kevin Malone and Francis Chan

In response to Human Trafficking Prevention Month, TBN featured a broadcast promoting “Advocate: Defending Hope for the Hopeless” and Kevin Malone’s new book, “Scouting The Enemy.” 

Advocate is a Bible Study and educational series hosted by Francis Chan about modern-day human trafficking in the United States and how God has called us to respond. The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking and Kids Not For Sale produced this series in an effort to educate and encourage the Church to become engaged in the fight to end human trafficking.

Watch this special program as Kevin Malone and Francis Chan share the calling in their life to Advocate for the Hopeless and show the love of Christ by fighting human trafficking, specifically in the United States. 

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Learn how our founder, Kevin Malone, went from managing a Major Baseball team to fighting human trafficking in America.