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Law Enforcement Certification


Human Trafficking: Law Enforcement Certification is a five-segment roll-call certification series which provides law enforcement members and their partners with information so that they can effectively identify and respond to crimes of human trafficking. The training is centered on the premise of increasing the identification of victims of human trafficking and upon increasing the arrests of pimps/traffickers and sex buyers who are illegally purchasing services from sex-trafficked victims. Printable certificates are presented upon completion of the training.

This series includes information on federal law outlining the different forms of human trafficking common in the United States- including sex trafficking, labor trafficking, forced marriage and domestic/involuntary servitude. This certification provides tools for identification and procedures for reporting; uncovering the crime, second and third level questioning using a domestic violence call example and a traffic stop example are presented. Included is an overview of trafficker types, recruitment and grooming strategies, indicators for identifying victims, and material on sex buyers. With the ever changing landscape of human trafficking, this series provides information for law enforcement members on cyber trafficking, digital platforms, social media and online sex trafficking grooming tactics.

Also covered in this five-segment series is labor trafficking including victim identification, common industries and vulnerable populations.


Please fill out the information to register.  Note: This course is intended only for members of law enforcement, and is therefore subject to approval by our administration. Upon registering, you will receive an email with further instructions.

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