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Former coach in Stafford picks up charges involving two more students

Delvin Ladon Jackson, 37, of Stafford County, VA. was indicted this month on nine felony charges, including five counts of soliciting prostitution and four counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.


El Salvadoran man illegally in U.S. sentenced for sexually exploiting women in northern Virginia

“Bonilla-Hernandez profited from the sexual exploitation of women who found themselves in difficult and vulnerable places,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney. “The tears, pain, and mental anguish expressed by the victims in this case is heartbreaking.” El Salvadoran “Bonilla-Hernandez is in the United States illegally was sentenced to more than two years in prison for running an illegal commercial sex business.


Intercourse trafficking within the US: Four questions answered

Sex trafficking, as the federal government defines it, is “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act” by means of “force, fraud, or coercion.” This is a form of modern-day slavery.


Staunton man tried trading computer equipment for sex, police said

A 19-year-old Staunton man is behind bars amid allegations he was sexually involved with a younger teenage girl, and police said he was also found with multiple images of child pornography, according to an arrest report.


Woodbridge man to serve 15 years for sex-trafficking girls in Dumfries, Springfield motels

Cornell Devore Rhymes, 32 was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison in connection with forced and coerced sex-trafficking young women held against their will at area motels in Dumfries and Springfield, Virginia.


House approves bill for tougher penalties for child prostitution cases

This bill would set harsher penalties for prostitution-related crimes involving minors unanimously passed the House. “Now we are going after those who are customers,” Watts said.


Advocates pitch state leaders on public health approach to stop sex trafficking “We can’t arrest our way out”

“We recently had a young lady who tried to escape from their trafficker and he sicked two pit bulls on her. They violently attacked her and left her for dead in the woods.”


Students in Smithfield draft bill to help victims of human trafficking

It’s inside Smithfield High School teacher Matt Ployd’s government class where Monica’s Law came to life. Students knew they had an assignment coming up where they would have to make a mock bill to demonstrate they knew how a bill becomes law. But the students had a better idea.


Woodbridge Man Regular Customer Of Girls In Sex Trafficking Ring

federal jury convicted a Woodbridge man Wednesday for sex trafficking two girls, ages 14 and 16. In court documents Steve Nowell, 64, is described as a frequent commercial sex customer of a prostitution ring led by Michael Gunn


Police arrest man for selling child porn and trying to prostitute young girls

On Wednesday afternoon, Virginia Beach Police arrested 22-year-old Shaquan Cuffee for producing and distributing child porn, using electronic means for child sex crime, receiving money from earning of prostitution and detaining a person for prostitution.