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Black girls abduction rates soar

She believes that parents need to be direct in addressing these issues so that children are not oblivious to what is going on around them. Having a daughter of her own, Jacquelyn Grant encourages parents to have open and honest conversations with their child because kidnapping and trafficking are, unfortunately, a harsh reality.


More pressure on Prince Andrew after alleged victim on TV

British legal experts, meanwhile, are divided over whether Andrew enjoys immunity from prosecution as a senior British royal and the matter has not been tested in court.


State’s anti-human trafficking laws among best in nation

Alabama’s laws regarding the sex trafficking of minors rank sixth in the nation, according to a national report card released this week by the nonprofit Shared Hope International.


How Widespread is Human Trafficking in the US?

In its 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, the US State Department said that despite its global reach, human trafficking takes place locally — “in a favorite nail salon or restaurant; in a neighborhood home or popular hotel; on a city street or rural farm” But four recent high profiles cases of human trafficking and commercialized sex have laid bare the growing problem in big cities and far corners of the US.


San Diego’s tourism also attracts the sex trade, pop-up brothels

Law enforcement globally is reporting a rise in pop-up brothels. Last year alone in San Diego, CA, human trafficking was an $810-million industry.


Students speak out on social media sex trafficking

College-aged women are disproportionately affected by sex traffickers online. Women represent 71% of sex trafficking victims according to the Global Data Hub on Human Trafficking.


Authorities warn of human trafficking during holiday season

Authorities are warning how those behind sex trafficking rings can use the spirit of the season to lure victims into sexual slavery.


Human Trafficking Sting in Tampa Sheds Light on Growing Problem in Florida

Hillsborough County deputies recently arrested more than 100 people in connection with a five-month-long undercover investigation surrounding human trafficking. 8 On Your Side is now digging deeper into this growing problem in Florida.


D.C. effort to decriminalize sex work won’t move forward after 14-hour hearing

A bill that would decriminalize the selling and buying of sex in the nation’s capital will NOT move forward this year, lawmakers said, after an emotional hearing and thousands of emails revealed deep divisions among D.C. residents. Similar proposals in New York and Massachusetts, among other states, have also failed to gain ground.


Sex traffickers using social media to target children

Cindy Malott, Director of Advocacy Services for Crisis Aid International, works with survivors of sex trafficking. She said social media is now the “most common way” she sees traffickers are making initial contact with victims. “Every app you can imagine,” said Malott. “Even apps specifically focused for young children.”