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Nicholas Cochran, 28, of Lima, OH, who’s a registered sex offender, coerced a 14-year-old girl to have sex with men for money. The Justice Department announced Friday it has filed child sex trafficking, child pornography and other charges against Cochran. Prosecutors say he connected with the teenage girl on Snapchat.


Ohio doctor accused of sex trafficking children between the ages of 12 and 14 years old

Dr. Albert Aiad-Toss, 52, of Canfield, OH, has been indicted on four counts of sex trafficking a minor and one count of production of child pornography. Authorities say Aiad-Toss allegedly “used force, threats of force, fraud or other coercion to cause three minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts” in June. The victims involved were between the ages of 12 and 14 years old.


Toledo man sentenced to 35 years for sex trafficking of a minor

A Toledo, OH man will spend the next 35 years behind bars after he was sentenced for sex trafficking involving a minor. Lawrence Jones, 32, previously pleaded guilty to one count of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor. Jones met the minor via social media who had run away from home and transported the girl to a home in Toledo, where he took nude photographs of her and posted them online, offering commercial sex acts in the Toledo area.


These are the customers who support sex trafficking in the US

Human trafficking is a business with supply and demand: The supply is the victims, and the demand is the customers.
But who are the customers?


Columbus police get training on dealing with human-trafficking victims

Four women who have completed Herbert’s CATCH Court told the assembled officers what their former lives were like, and how it is so important that police try to help those who remain on the streets.


Pastor Gets Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking Scheme

Reverend Anthony Haynes is serving life in federal prison for leading the nearly three-year-long child sex trafficking scheme in Toledo, Ohio. A federal jury found him guilty of engaging in sex trafficking with a minor, sex trafficking of a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor, and obstructing a sex trafficking investigation.


Cleveland man arrested in human trafficking probe sentenced for federal gun charge

Authorities found two guns in Miquel Jones’ home when they arrested him in May 2018 after finding him with a 16-year-old girl whose parents had reported her missing.


Ex-Wife Of Pastor Convicted In Child Sex Trafficking Case Sentenced

aura Lloyd told a judge before she was sentenced to 21 months for lying to investigators. Her ex-husband, Cordell Jenkins, was sentenced life in prison for having sex with a teenager at his home and church office while recording the acts with his phone.


Ohio state trooper rescues human trafficking victim

During the stop, OSHP says the officer noticed a young female riding with an older male. Neither the girl or the man had identification on them or spoke English. Police say it was confirmed that the man had forced the girl to perform acts on him and that the girl was being taken to Chicago from New Jersey.


2 men sentenced for sex trafficking in the Columbus area

Two Columbus, OH. men were sentenced for their roles in sex trafficking dozens of women in the Columbus area. Curtis Gossett was sentenced to 13 years in prison, while Jeffrey Bagley received 10 years. Their charges included engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.