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Nicholas Cochran sentenced to nearly 42 years in prison for child sex trafficking

Ohio– The U.S. Attorney’s Office, for the southern district of Ohio, says 28-year-old Nicholas Salvadore Cochran was sentenced 42 years in prison. Aside from the prison time, Cochran has been ordered to pay full restitution to the victim, court costs, and a fine, as well as remain under court supervision for life.

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University of Dayton, Abolition Ohio offers online human trafficking services

Dayton, Ohio– Sex trafficking has increased because of job loss, a lack of housing security and reduced social and public services according to Abolition Ohio, an anti trafficking coalition organized by the University of Dayton. The public is invited to attend on Zoom The Abolition Ohio Monthly Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition Meetings to learn about resources available to students, educators, and community members in order to keep kids safe from trafficking and exploitation.

NewsOhioPerpetratorsSex Trafficking

Two men federally indicted for child exploitation, explicit content

Two men were indicted in U.S. District Court in Toledo on Wednesday in separate cases of sexually exploiting a minor and possessing child pornography, according to court documents. One of the accused allegedly sent nude photos of the girl, which appear to be taken by hidden cameras. He also told an Oregon man that he had been experimenting with drugs to see which ones work best on the child.


DeWine frees Alexis Martin, sex trafficking survivor convicted of pimp’s murder at 17

A sex trafficker survivor from Ohio will be released from prison. “She will be sent to a group home and she will be under supervision for an extensive period of time. When the victim was 15 years-old she planned the murder of the trafficker. When she was 17, she received a sentence for 21 years. Ohio’s Supreme Court chief justice knew that he had forced her into sex trafficking but kept her sentence.


Former Portsmouth city councilman Michael Mearan detained by police; home raided

In Portsmouth, Ohio a former city council member and defense attorney has been detained. He is rumored to be a key player in a sex trafficking ring. Police have been looking into him since 2018. The prosecution is now being held by the state attorneys office. 


Two teenage girls Cleveland pastor paid for sex were part of child sex trafficking ring, prosecutor says

In Cleveland, Ohio two people have been charged with human trafficking. A 20-year-old woman recruited three teenage girls to participate in sexual activity. A pastor patronized these girls twice. He paid to have sex with the underage girls around August and November in 2018. If convicted, the woman could face up to 10-15 years while the pastor could face up to six years.


Prosecutors find evidence Strongsville priest was engaged in child prostitution

In Cleveland, Ohio a priest was charged with possession of child pornography and now he faces other charges. He has been indicted by a Cuyahoga County grand jury and he faces allegations in Geauga County involving children and abuse.


MGM Northfield Park Donates $10,000 to Fight Human Trafficking in Ohio

MGM Northfield Park is donating $10,000 to a local task force that is dedicated to stopping human trafficking in northeastern Ohio. Summit County Sheriff Division of Human Trafficking and Prostitution will help with healthcare for victims and provide resources to the sheriff’s department. MGM Northfield Park is also offering training to its employees to understand the signs for human trafficking. Ohio reported around 400 cases to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Ohio is fourth in the number of cases.


Freedom Center joins movement to end human trafficking

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is hosting special events on Thursday February 13th. People from across the world will join together and raise awareness. “End It” movement calls for people to draw a red X on their hands to represent the millions that are enslaved. Ohio ranks fourth for the number of human trafficking cases.


Lawsuits allege hotel chains ignored human trafficking

Lawyers in Columbus, OH. representing human trafficking victims want a single federal judge to oversee multiple lawsuits alleging that major hotel chains have ignored human trafficking taking place on their premises.