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Sex trafficking in Queens is shaping the District Attorney primary race

The challenge of eradicating the forced sex work industry in a city that is already a major hub for human trafficking has turned political in ...
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Inside law enforcement’s efforts to end human trafficking

Most of the public sees this horrific crime as one that happens elsewhere—far away from their backyards, but the shocking reality is that human trafficking ...
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Local massage parlors under scrutiny by police

The latest raids here were on March 8, when police went into four spas and arrested five women. They charged all five with the felony ...
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Syracuse pimp of underage girls gets astronomical sex offender rating

Eric Oliver, 35 of Syracuse,N.Y. became the poster-child for the state’s tough sex trafficking law that went into effect shortly before his 2013 arrest. The ...
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Editorial: Keep up efforts to fight human trafficking involving children

The “runaways.” The “throwaways.” That’s who the sex traffickers prey upon. It’s these children their customers seek out. It’s these children who suffer the physical ...
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Man allegedly ran human trafficking, prostitution ring out of parents’ Long Island basement

Prosecutors say 47-year-old Raymond Rodio III trafficked as many as 22 women between 2014 and February of this year, holding some of the women by ...
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Stations of the Cross for Sex Trafficking Survivors takes the burden from victims

The Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City has became more than a transit hub – it became a site of prayer and activism ...
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New documentary demonstrates how a Queens court tackles trafficking

In Judge Toko Serita’s courtroom, compassion and education for individuals charged with prostitution-related offenses is paramount. This understanding, empathetic approach to Queens’ alleged sex workers ...
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NoVo Foundation announces $10 million funding opportunity to close on-ramps to sexual exploitation—and open exit ramps

The NoVo Foundation today announced The Life Story Grants, a $10 million, 3-year commitment for programs in the U.S that open exit ramps and close ...
AwarenessNew YorkNews

Nazareth event to focus on sex trafficking crimes

A local anti-trafficking organization will partner Friday with Nazareth College to co-host a documentary film and panel discussion about sex trafficking.