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Sarah Lawrence Parent Accused of Sex Trafficking and Abusing Students

After being released from prison in 2010, ex FBI informant, Ray Lawrence moved into his daughter's dormitory in NY City. Soon, he started doing “therapy ...
AwarenessNew YorkNewsPerpetratorsSex Trafficking

New York Man Admits Running Drug-Fueled Sex Trafficking Ring in His Parents’ Basement

Raymond Rodio III had been running the drug-fueled brothel, which involved more than 20 women in their 20s, since 2014. He set up dates through ...
New YorkNewsPolitics

Cuomo Vetoes Bill That Would Train Public Transportation Workers To Spot Human Trafficking

New York Senator Alessandra Biaggi noted that "human-traffickers rely heavily on public transportation to move their victims, in plain sight, across the country." In his ...
New YorkNewsPerpetrators

Bloods Gang Member Convicted For Sex Trafficking Operation: SCDA

Abiodun "Abi" Adeleke, 33, of Kings Park, NY. was convicted by a jury of two counts of sex trafficking as a class B violent felony, ...
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Pimp gets 15 years for role in sex ring that ensnared missing teen Corinna Slusser

Ishi Woney, 24, of New York, trafficked Corinna Slusser, 19, and others, including a minor and a mentally disabled woman with the IQ of a ...
AwarenessNew YorkNewsPerpetrators

New York man allegedly tried to kidnap sex workers for trafficking

Andrew Frey, 54, of Coram on Long Island, NY, attempted to abduct sex workers on two separate occasions with the intent of forcing them to ...
AwarenessNew YorkNews

Rochester Human Trafficking Court expanding resources to include Monroe County

The Rochester Human Trafficking Court in NY is expanding its services to include towns and villages around Monroe County, with the help of a $750,000 ...
AwarenessNew YorkNewsSurvivors

Bombshell $10M suit claims two NYC hotels turned a blind eye to sex trafficking

The trafficker would always pay for the rooms in cash and when he didn’t have money for rooms at the Econo Lodge in N.Y.C., NY, ...
New YorkNewsPerpetrators

200 Filipino Nurses Win Human Trafficking Case vs New York Nursing Home

The New York lawsuit stated that employees were required to pay a contract termination fee of up to $25,000 if they left before the end ...
New YorkNewsPerpetrators

Harlem pimp who turned opioid-addicted women into sex slaves gets 10 years behind bars

Charles White, 39, along with his accomplice Jason Walden, 33, of Harlem, New York, kept two young opioid addicts as slaves inside their rundown house. ...