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These 2 kept a woman captive for 12 days and forced her into prostitution, cops say

Washington forced the victim to engage in prostitution while holding her against her will at the same house he and Lambert shared with a young child, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. The two were also charged with child endangerment.

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Lawrence residents charged in human trafficking, prostitution, financial crime investigation

After a two-year investigation into money laundering, tax evasion, prostitution and human trafficking, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office arrested three individuals.

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Man charged with promoting prostitution of 16-year-old girl via Backpage.com

Officials say 26-year-old Preston Bell was advertising the “sale” of a 16-year-old Indonesian girl on the website Backpage.com, which is known to be a hub of illegal prostitution and has been the focus of an FBI investigation.

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High school teacher pleads guilty to sex trafficking of a minor.

A Ware County High School teacher pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking of a minor on Friday. Tracy Wayne Crosby, 42 of Waycross, entered the guilty plea on Friday, before the Honorable Lisa Godbey Wood.