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FBI Louisville reports spike in sexual exploitation, sextortion cases involving children

According to a tweet from FBI Louisville, the department has seen an increase in sexual exploitation and sextortion cases involving children ages 10-17. Authorities state the problem has become a nationwide issue.


Human trafficking survivor: ‘We’re the girls you find dead in rivers and dumpsters’

rafficking survivors who spoke to news.com.au in Louisville on the eve of this year’s derby revealed they had collectively been buried in the ground by a trafficker, “raped up to 30 times a night”, locked in a box, thrown out of cars, viciously beaten and repeatedly threatened with murder.


In Kentucky Derby sex trafficking case, police tout emphasis on recovery for women

Four arrests were made this weekend in connection with a Louisville Metro Police investigation into human trafficking during the Kentucky Derby Festival, but none of them were “women.”


Arrests made at Derby for sex trafficking

It’s a problem LMPD keeps their eye on all year long but especially during the Kentucky Derby. After an uncover sting, police found a number of men looking to buy sex from underage girls. See video…


Kentucky Derby a magnet for human trafficking, officials warn

Human traffickers are likely to prey on vulnerable young women and children at this year’s Kentucky Derby, state and local officials warned on Monday, and urged spectators to be alert to people with matching tattoos or branding marks.


Child marriage is the enemy of the American Dream

One example was of Naila Amin, a Pakistani New Yorker who was betrothed at age 8 and married against her will at 13. After a lifestyle of sexual assault and beatings, she became a mere passport for her older husband after her family forced her to request his immigration approval.


Local circuit judge participates in sessions on bail reform, human trafficking and more at judicial college Oct. 22-24 in Lexington

The human trafficking session was designed to give judges insight into how traffickers work and how the internet is being used to sell victims and find perpetrators. The session also covered the complexities of the state’s human trafficking laws.


Modern day slavery: Breaking free from human trafficking

Researchers said Kentucky’s youngest victim of human trafficking is just 2 months old.


Andy Beshear: 2018 year end interview

Another topic of discussion was human trafficking in the state of Kentucky.


Human trafficking victim escapes captors on Thanksgiving Day in Murfreesboro

A Murfreesboro woman who was part of a human trafficking case managed to escape her captors Thanksgiving Day. The woman escaped her perpetrators by jumping out of a bathroom window in Murfreesboro and running to the Thornton’s on Old Fort Boulevard where she called her mother and then police. The 29-year old victim told police she had been sold, traded and swapped for money and drugs in the Bradyville and Readyville areas of Rutherford County, as well as Grundy County, and in Kentucky. According to a police report, the victim said she was given the drug ketamine, which induces a trance-like state, to make her sleep at night. Her captors also forced her to use cocaine during the day, she reported.