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Kansas man pleads guilty to sex crime involving child

A Kansas man could face up to 30 years in federal prison after admitting that he drove to Missouri to meet what he believed was a woman willing to sell her 10-year-old daughter for sex.


Child victims of sex trafficking receive mixed messages: If we aren’t ‘aggressors’ then why are we arrested?

In February, Kansas Judge Michael Gibbens came under fire in national news for claiming that two girls, ages 13 and 14, acted as “aggressors” in a situation of exploitation in which a 67-year-old male, Eugene Soden, paid them to have sex.


‘It is a war’: Group to offer public a chance to learn about human trafficking

In 2014, the Topeka Rescue Mission was referred to assist a total of four victims of human trafficking, says its executive director, Barry Feaker. But that total has since risen steadily to the point where the mission last year received 200 such referrals, he said Wednesday.


Johnson County man charged with human trafficking of teenager

A Johnson County man is accused of sexually exploiting a teen in a case of human trafficking. Prosecutors in Johnson County say this is an active investigation and more arrests could be coming, but a big break came when a driver didn’t come to a complete stop at Lenexa Drive and Switzer and police started asking questions.


Trafficking risk surprising in rural Kansas

January is a month devoted to raising awareness of human trafficking, and Marissa Woodmansee, director of Juvenile Services for Barton County, did her part Saturday afternoon at a public informational event at the Great Bend Public Library. She shared some background on the evolution of her own human trafficking awareness, and recent developments of importance to the community, especially parents of pre-teens and teens. “It’s important to understand what human trafficking is and what it looks like,” she said. According to the website for the Department of Homeland Security, human trafficking is modern-day slavery.


Wichita Children’s Home Opens New Facility To Aid Victims of Human Trafficking

The Wichita Children’s Home has opened a residence to help young victims of human trafficking. The Garver House can shelter up to 10 children who have been released from the Children’s Home Staff Secure Unit.

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Local human trafficking survivor shares story in Manhattan

Years of forced prostitution and beatings. That’s the reality a human trafficking survivor shared Tuesday at the Manhattan Area Chamber’s Women in Business luncheon. The event aimed to show the impact of human trafficking on the local community.


Leadership summit looks to curb sex trade in Kansas City

Some community leaders in Kansas City are gathering information to help them develop strategies to fight prostitution and human trafficking, problems that have been with the city since its founding.


In sex trafficking fight, Kansas officials want more people talking about victims.

The executive director of the Topeka Rescue Mission has orchestrated a plan to understand the extent of the sex marketplace in Shawnee County and hopes the effort will become a model for other communities. He joined other civic leaders and state officials Monday as they issued a plea for public awareness for the victims of human trafficking.


Dozens of possible child trafficking victims have been jailed in Kansas

Dozens of possible child trafficking victims have been jailed in Kansas juvenile detention centers over the past few years.