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Human trafficking is happening in Peoria: Learn the signs

Human trafficking is happening in the Peoria area, but it’s rarely reported because the signs are often overlooked. Statistics accurately depicting the prevalence of human trafficking are hard to come by, said Sefried. It’s under reported.


Man sentenced in teen’s sex trafficking death in 2016

Joseph Hazley, 35, was convicted in March on one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor, one count of sex trafficking of a minor, and four counts of transporting a person across state lines for the purposes of prostitution. Hazley’s family was in court as Judge Sharon Coleman sentenced him to 32 years. “The family is saddened, resigned and looking forward to his appeal,” said Raymond Wigell, Hazley’s attorney.


Federal judge sentences North Chicago man to 27 years for sex trafficking of minor

Deronarte Norwood was arrested in October of 2016 in Waukegan, according to authorities, and charged with sex trafficking and knowingly transporting a minor to engage in prostitution, and has remained in custody since then.


‘Courageous’ teen helps break up San Jose human trafficking operation

Authorities in San Jose, CA. are crediting a 14-year-old girl with helping break up a human trafficking operation in San Jose earlier this week. The teen contacted the Crisis Text Line to report that she was being held against her will and forced to engage in prostitution, according to Sgt. Enrique Garcia.


R. Kelly charged with 11 new sex-related counts

Chicago, IL. prosecutors have charged R. Kelly with 11 new sex-related charges involving one accuser, including some that carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.


Commercial sex trade allegations lead to closure of 2 Rockford lingerie shops

Two signs were posted on both buildings following the raids citing multiple code violations. The violations listed on the doors were in relation to the Adult Entertainment License for both businesses. The violations listed included “Access,” “Construction” and “Posting of prices.”


Slowik: Veteran plans march to Springfield to bring attention to human trafficking

U.S. Army veteran plans to walk to Springfield next week to raise awareness and funds to help children and young adults affected by human trafficking. Jordan Mitchell, 28, of New Lenox, said he plans to make the 189-mile march with a ruck sack weighing up to 100 pounds.


Cooke Co. authorities battle modern slavery

Yes, the number of human trafficking cases handled in Cooke County over the past several years may not be staggering, but it does indicate there is a problem, according to Sgt. Jerry Crumley with the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office. “Trafficking is here,” Crumley said. “It’s everywhere. It’s growing. It’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem throughout the state of Texas.


New laws ramp up protection for human trafficking victims

Victims of human trafficking – including involuntary servitude and labor trafficking – will be allowed to sue their captors for damages, will have a longer window of time to do so and will be paid for turning them in to police.


Oak Park Man Sex Trafficked ‘Several Children’: Authorities

Young of Oak Park, IL. reportedly posted online ads of the children “offering commercial sex” and “required” some of the minors to have sex with him, according to a news release.