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CaliforniaNewsSexual Exploitation

SLO County officials encourage parents to be aware of commercial sexual exploitation of children

San Luis Obispo County officials are encouraging parents and families to be wary of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) as children are spending more time out of the classroom and on the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Linda Belch, adult and children’s services deputy director, says it is important for families to have open, regular conversations with children about the importance of cyber safety.

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Alleged Vallejo human trafficking victim rescued, two arrested

A day after a 29-year-old Vallejo resident was reported missing Solano County sheriff’s deputies rescued the woman, said to have been a victim of human trafficking.
The woman’s mother filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, saying she’d been missing for a week.
On Wednesday, investigators learned she was a victim of human trafficking, officials said.
Her image was reportedly posted on a human trafficking website. In partnership with Vacaville police detectives, and FBI task force officer, sheriff’s resident deputy and the Sheriff’s Enforcement Team, investigators managed to contact the woman and set up a meeting.

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Commentary: Frontline Healers See Human Trafficking Increase Since Coronavirus Pandemic

“With closed businesses and empty streets, exploiters have become more violent and expanded their territory,” explains Amba Johnson, executive director of Dreamcatchers. “The ones coming to buy children are oddly indifferent to COVID, asking their victims if they have hand sanitizer and masks. The problem is Johns don’t care if they are children.”

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Human traffickers still coming to the Central Coast amidst pandemic, officials say

“Traffickers notoriously prey upon the vulnerability of other people. So if you have a group of people who are now even more vulnerable and are looking to make income, secure their future, and are looking to find some type of normalization; they might be more susceptible to offers or lies or tactics traffickers use to gain that person’s trust only to exploit it later for a profit,” explained Danielle Borrelli, Operations Coordinator for the California Cybersecurity Institute.

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L.A. County Fights Child Sex Trafficking, Hopes Lessons Are Adopted Broadly

“As we move forward to take our next steps to better identify and support youth who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, I hope agencies across the country can apply the lessons learned by L.A. County and apply them during this COVID-19 era and provide victims the services and ongoing support that they need,” said Michelle Guymon, who founded and leads the CTU.

CaliforniaNewsSex Traffickig

L.A. Probation Report Details Fight to Stop Sexual Exploitation of Children

L.A., California- Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for underage youth has not waivered and the Los Angeles County Probation Department continues to be at the forefront battling the recent increase of cases of commercial sexual exploitation of children, or CSEC.

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Antioch man charged with human trafficking; police say he was intended target in girl’s shooting death

ANTIOCH, CA— 30-year-old, Cedric West, is facing felony charges of human trafficking; an enhancement alleges he beat his victim, a 16-year-old girl known in court records only as “Jane Doe,” with a bottle. The charging records he “inflicted great bodily injury” in November 2018.


Northstate trafficking ring taken down by APD and local law enforcement, arrests made

In Anderson, California law enforcement officers have been in a year-long investigation into Northstate massage parlors. Two men have been arrested with 58 felony counts. Last year, a citizen of Anderson reported unusual behavior. The tip led to find a human trafficking ring across three Northstate counties. Anderson police said their goal was to target the traffickers and save and rescue the woman.

AwarenessCaliforniaNewsSex Trafficking

Anti-Trafficking Coalition at Berkeley holds conference on combating human trafficking

The coalition aims to raise awareness about human trafficking in the Berkeley community and invited T Ortiz, one of Time Magazine’s 2013 “30 Under 30” nominees, as a keynote speaker to discuss the issue of human trafficking. Ortiz, who was a victim of trafficking herself, said society needs to realize that victims do not need pity; instead, victims need to be supported in many ways.
“We are talking about our girls,” Alejandre said at the event. “They are people too and they are not just defined by their trafficking experience.”


Man convicted for trafficking Sacramento child, other women for sex across California

A man is in federal court on two counts of sex trafficking in Sacramento, California. One of them involving a child. A 30-page criminal complaint that was filed in December of 2018 has four years of sex trafficking activity. Sunnyvale Police interviewed three females that this man had been using.