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What is an Abolitionist?

 Our Abolitionists have become aware of the problem of Human Trafficking. Our Abolitionists are ready to #EndHumanTrafficking in the United States and around the world. 

And we’re ready to put this awareness, education, and passion into ACTION.

We are looking for passionate individuals

Ending Human Trafficking is not a task that can be done overnight. It takes more than just one organization or government. It takes more than one community. 

It takes a united group of organizations, individuals, and leaders being involved in the fight to Prevent Human Trafficking, Provide Victim Care, and Combat the Demand.

It's time to make our movement VIRAL

By joining our Abolitionists group under the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking, we will help equip, educate, and plug you into taking action in your community that matches your passion, skill set, and capabilities.

You will be involved in the following ways:

Consultation with our team to get plugged in to an organization near you that focuses on prevention, victim care, or combatting demand.

You'll be able to share awareness on social media attire, & educational tools provided by the USIAHT.

You'll be able to track and report the action taking place to fight human trafficking in your community.

You will participate in our challenges throughout the year to raise up more abolitionists to join the movement.

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Showcase your passion. Your support of the USIAHT shop helps us provide relief services to victims of human trafficking.


At USIAHT, we are combating the demand for sex trafficking in the United States—and we need your help.  Your support will help us intervene, provide care for victims, and protect children from exploitation and harm.

Help us reach our goal