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It’s time to join the fight to #EndHumanTrafficking.

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Our program is simple. We wish to provide you with the resources to become properly educated and to continue your education about “modern-day” Human Trafficking in the United States. 

Your next step is to become enraged – the hatred of this evilness that exists. You should want to take action.

Thus, your final step is to become engaged in the fight to end human trafficking. We have articles, trainings, curriculum, and content that you can use to help spread awareness, support the fight, and get involved where you are to #EndHumanTrafficking.

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Others need to be aware of how Human Trafficking occurs in the United States.
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Get Engaged

As you will have learned through our educational materials, there are many ways to become engaged in the fight to end human trafficking. From sharing content for more awareness to supporting financially, or even joining/starting an organization dedicated to help fight trafficking. Not everyone should begin a safe home or become a foster parent, but everyone can do something.

Below are resources, content, books, and data material that we are updating and adding as often as possible. Begin utilizing these resources to become plugged into the fight to #EndHumanTrafficking.

Learn about our partner organization, 
Kids Not For Sale – an organization and movement to help protect our children throughout the United States, beginning with the children being trafficked in the state of Nevada.

Advocate is a 5-part Bible Study Series
to help equip the Church to fight human trafficking, following the example
and call to action of Christ.
Register for this free series today so that your church/small group can begin the steps to become engaged to Advocate and witness to the victim, the survivor, the buyer, and the trafficker.

Our President and Founder, Kevin Malone, began his mission to fight human trafficking after ending his career in baseball as the General Manager of the Dodgers.
This is his book and story of how God led him to this ministry of ending human trafficking in America.
Purchase your copy today (all proceeds go to our ministry).

Our Trafficking Free Zone program is for the business owner, the pastor, or the leader of an organization that is ready to help train their staff, team, or congregation. 
This proclamation involves walking through the HT101 training and provides a process to educate your whole team with our resources. Help us train America about human trafficking in our every-day-society. 

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